MSI Two Ram Balers


Our Two Ram Baler at Work!

The McDonald Services family of two ram balers vary in size from the sixty by forty-two inch feed model to the one hundred twenty by fifty-six inch feed model. Of the seventeen different models offered, the "sixty by forty-two" and the "one hundred twenty by fifty-six" models are the most popular.

60 x 42

Our smaller 60" x 42" series balers are able to deliver very high ram face pressures allowing denser bales from many of the materials being baled by recyclers, municipal land fill operators, and waste haulers. Their smaller size allows them to be located in many retail distribution centers and manufacturing facilities.

Our 60/42 Two Ram Baler at Work

120 x 56

The ability to handle large pieces of waste plus high volume production are two reasons why our 120" x 56" model balers are chosen. Their size alone makes these balers desired by commercial recyclers, municipal land fill operators, and waste haulers.

Our 102/56 Two Ram Baler at Work!

MSI Two Ram Baler Specifications

MSI Two Ram Baler Specifications


  • Automatic Operation Cycle
  • Automatic Infeed Chamber Sizing
  • Automatic Tie Spacing and Placement
  • Modular Hydraulic Power Packs (Foundation for Upgrade)
  • Flange Mounted Cylinders
  • Three Piece Shear Knife Assembly with 4x Wear/Life Cycles
  • Hold Downs can be Adjusted and Shimmied from outside
  • Replaceable T-1 Liners on Floor & Platen
  • Compression Platen Guiding System
  • TEFC Motors
  • Soft Shift Spool or DIN Cartridge Valves
  • Extended Platen Penetration
  • Regenerative Circuit
  • Oil Temperature Indicator
  • High Temperature Shut Off
  • Low Oil Shut Off
  • Oil to Air Cooling
  • NEMA 12 Console with Operator Key Switch
  • Programmable Controls
  • Solenoid Indicator Lights
  • Adjustable Limit Switches
  • Choice of Right of Left Hand Bale Eject
  • Choice of Automatic Wire Tiers


  • Thermostatically Controlled Oil Heater
  • Serrated Floor and Ram Bottom Liners for Non Ferrous
  • Hopper and Chute Extensions
  • SONAC Sensors
  • Upper Level Sensors
  • Conveyor Controls and Starters
  • Special Voltage or Starting Requirements
  • Bale Chamber Door
  • Bale Chamber Door - Variable Opening
  • Bale Run Out Tables
  • Feed Chute Door
  • Windowed Feed Chute Door
  • Water Mist System
  • Tamper
  • Telephone Modem
  • PLC Generated Diagnostics and Production Reporting
  • Heated and Air Conditioned Operator Stations
  • Extended Ejector can Completely Eject Bale
  • Main Plate can be Removed Through Ejector Opening (When required for maintenance)
  • Universal Right/Left Eject Nozzle
  • Four or Five Cycles per Minute Performance Option
  • Panel Mounted Electrical Disconnect

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